How to Attract & Close High Ticket Clients Consistently & Predictably

For Coaches Who Have Tried Everything In Marketing & Still Struggling To Survive

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Date: Friday, 10th February 2023

Time: 04:00 PM GMT, 8:00 PM Dubai Time, 11:00 AM EST, 09:30 PM IST

90% of coaching businesses fail within two years, even after having so much information online and these training programs. 

8% of the coaches struggle a lot to get a few clients just to survive…

And only 2% of the coaches succeed and thrive…

98% of coaches and consultants do not get results even after attending these programs. 

I know this because I have invested more than $25K dollars in these programs without any results, and I still struggled for 2 years while losing my precious time, energy, and money on them.

So, I will show you why these programs do not work and what I am doing right now that is working.

Now, tell me one thing, I am sure that you may have seen many ads in the past 24 hrs.

So, how many of them do you remember now? 

How many of them have you got connected or engaged with? 

Possibly one or two maximum. 

Then, if I tell you that in the last 24 hrs, you have seen close to 5000 ads, would you believe it? 

5000 ads, OMG.

Yes, It is a fact. You can google it, and you will find the answer. On average, people see 5000 ads per day.

Like you, your ideal clients also see nearly 5000 ads per day. 

So, what is the chance that your marketing message will get noticed and your ideal clients will respond to them? 

The chances are close to zero percent. 

Because it is getting lost in the crowd of ads, marketing messages, videos, content, articles, and everything that your competitors are posting continuously. 

Now you may be wondering, you have done everything in marketing, such as, 

created videos, written content, reached out to 1000s of ideal prospects through messaging, changed your marketing message 100s of times, and created ads…

…so that your ideal prospects know you, like you, and trust you, in the hope that they buy your programs and services….

…then, in the end…

finding that not even single prospects were interested, or even if they showed interest, there were no sales closed.

All this is happening because the method of Know, Like & Trust is not working now due to worldwide competition…

Your ideal clients are flooded with messages, content, and ads from your competitors, and it is making them confused…

They cannot differentiate you from your competitor’s crowd, and they may even be purchasing your competitor’s programs and services, even if you have better programs and services than them….

It is all happening because you may not have the authority in your niche. Authority in your niche helps you stand out from the crowd of your competitors so your target customers can distinguish you from your competitors.

This is because if you are trying to get your ideal clients online, then you are competing not only with your local competitors but with global competitors…

Your customers see ads online from your competitors worldwide…

So, this program helps you build authority in your niche, in your market, so that you can stand out from the crowd of your competitors and attract & close your ideal clients with ease.

I use neuro-marketing and neuro-sales systems so that you stand out in your messaging, content, and videos to get the attention of your ideal clients and make them connect and engage with you… 

This system takes your ideal clients through a process that preframes and precloses them before they first meet you on the sales call, ready to hand over their credit cards for buying your programs and services…

Marketing Programs I Have Learned & Implemented

As I was telling you that there are many such programs online…

…I have invested more than 25K dollars just to learn these so that I could get my ideal clients, but they did not help me get the results I wanted…

I have tried:

  1. FB Group Live Launch Method, 
  2. KLT Based Programs, 
  3. High-Ticket Recorded Programs – Weekly Calls, 
  4. Live Workshops / Webinars Method, 
  5. Recorded VSL Methods, 
  6. LinkedIn Outreach, 
  7. Digital Marketing Experts, and 
  8. Cold Calls Booking Experts 

With little success…

The reason for this was I was able to reach my ideal clients, but my messaging did not establish a connection with them…

I tried changing my messaging, but still, it did not work, as I did not know at that time what drives ideal clients to engage and respond to content, ads, and messaging.

Why Am I Qualified To Teach This?

So, here’s why I am qualified to teach you how to attract & close high-ticket clients consistently:

First of all, I have been a coach myself, and I struggled for 2 years in marketing and sales. 

I am a Mindset Coach and a Consultant at Proctor Gallagher Institute, run by the world-famous Law of Attraction teacher, an expert on human potential and growth, the Late Mr. Bob Proctor, who was featured in the movies “The Secret” and “Think & Grow Rich”.

I am an inner circle member of Tony Robbins, a student at Robbins Madanes Training. 

Having so much knowledge and life experiences, I always believed I could transform millions of people’s lives worldwide through my programs…

But in the end, I could not because I was the expert in my subject but not in marketing and sales…

I tried expensive marketing programs without any results…

Then, I found something interesting, all those marketing programs that I underwent were based on tools, templates, and prefixed methods of writing content…

They did not consider the ideal clients’ psychology, mindset, behavior, and how their brain works when they see the ads…

So, no matter which method I used in marketing, I did not get the responses from my ideal clients…

The current method I use has already been used by leading brands, companies, coaches, consultants, and world leaders in their marketing messages…

I did not realize it then, but when I did more research, I found it, specifically in the marketing campaigns of Tony Robbins….

Tony Robbin’s teams use human needs psychology in their marketing campaigns to reach and connect with their ideal clients and create impact and influence in a way that their ideal customers connect and engage with the marketing message.

When I tried this in my marketing message, I instantly started getting responses from ideal clients on messenger and LinkedIn chats…

This motivated me to create this amazing program that uses Brain, Mindset, Human Needs Psychology, Human Behavior, preinstalled psychological needs (PIP), and neuro-associated conditioning to reach, get attention and connect with the target audience.

This is amazing, the response I have been seeing is unbelievable.

The most important thing is that it is very easy to understand how the brain works, the human needs psychology and neuro-associated conditioning, and once you understand it, you can use it in your messaging all the time.

It hardly requires 2-3 hours to understand, and you can get better with more practice and implementation.

When I became a coach, I did not have the money to start my business, so I sold my previous business on flippa for 250,000 dollars. 

This money helped me to invest so heavily in learning in those expensive programs and helped me survive without any income.

My biggest win as a coach is that I have helped a digital marketer to generate additional revenue of $12K recurring monthly, which translates to 150K dollars in a year.

Then I helped an entrepreneur to scale a part-time business 25 times from $100 to $2500 in just 10 months, in which the client was struggling and stuck for the last 7 years.

What is Neuro-Marketing?

So, now the question is: What is Neuro-Marketing:

Marketing is nothing but reaching and connecting with your ideal clients, and…

…neuromarketing does in a way that grabs the attention of your ideal clients and makes them engage with your content…

…so that you impact and influence them in a way that helps them make the right decisions for their growth or the results that you produce with your programs and services. 

They start to distinguish you from the crowd of your competitors, they consider you as an authority, and you stand out from the crowd…

This is achieved when you create your messaging based on how your ideal client’s brain, mindset, and psychological needs respond when they see your content or ads…

When neuromarketing is done right, it preframes and precloses your ideal clients even before they book sales call with you, and when they come to you on the sales call, they most likely have no objections.

In a neuro-sales system, you take your ideal clients through various steps that create impact and influence in a way that helps them realize what they need to achieve their goals, why they need it, and how your program or services can help them achieve that while having almost no objection.

The 4-Step Neuro-Marketing & Sales System

So, let me introduce to you the 4-step system based on neuro-marketing and neuro-sales to build your authority so you attract and close high-ticket clients consistently:

  1. Foundation,
  2. Implementation, 
  3. Optimization and 
  4. Automation. 

That means we first build the foundation and take it to the automation level so that it consistently works for you on autopilot.

1. Building the Foundation of Your Marketing System

Let’s talk about Foundation. 

Foundation is all about prospects. 

That means people in a particular niche who have certain problems that you solve or want to solve and identifying the right customer avatar who has those problems in that particular niche. 

So, the first step is to identify the niche. In which area is your expertise and experience that can help solve people’s problems? 

In Short, who do you help, to do what?

For example, I help coaches and consultants to attract & close high-ticket clients. 

Now my program can help business owners, entrepreneurs, and many other niches, but I have selected only coaches and consultants with similar work profiles.

Similarly, your programs and services can help many people, millions of people in different categories, but it is important to niche down when you are new in the market. 

It gives you an edge over even big competitors.

Example: Niche for A Dental Treatment

Let’s say you have a toothache. You know a dentist can solve your problem. Now there are two dentists. 

One is very popular, very experienced, and has several treatments for teeth. 

Then, the other dentist works only with people with toothache.

Now, when you approach both of them, you will find that the dentist who treats only toothaches resonates more with you because he is talking only about the problem you have, while the other dentist talks about the whole mouth, which is not your problem right now. 

So, you will take the services of one who is a toothache specialist. 

This is the power of niching.

Example: Various Niches of Coca Cola Company

Now consider these brands. Coca-cola, thums up, Fanta, sprite, limca, Kinley, smart water, minute maid, maaza. 

Do you know who the parent company making these drinks is?

It’s the Coca-Cola company. Coca-cola is the owner of all these brands. 

Coca-cola targets different types of its customers with different types of drinks under different brand names. 

They use different names because their target customers are different. 

People who drink coca cola do not drink sprite or thums up, or Fanta. 

People who like do not drink sprite or Fanta or other drinks. 

Similarly, for each one. 

Now you will say that it is not true. 

People who like thums up also drink coca cola or other drinks. Yes, you are right. But they are very small in number. 

Now people who use smart water are not customers of thums or coca cola. 

All these brands target different types of people based on their preferences. 

They have different positioning and different emotions associated with the types of drinks. 

There can be few people who use two or more brands out of these.

Now, if coca-cola named each of these brands with the same name, let’s say coca cola thumbs up, coca cola smart water, coca cola sprite, it would have messed up their positioning and messaging and, thus, would have lost the connection with their target customers.

Because coca cola understood the power of niching, they have different brands under the same parent company.

Example: Niche of Tony Robbins

In the training industry, there is no bigger name than Tony Robbins, he is capable of helping any person in any niche. 

He does business mastery to UPW and many other programs targeting different categories of people. 

But when he started, he started with just one niche, called PHOBIA.

Tony Robbins started his career with just one niche of targeting people who had any phobia, making him very popular.

Now, he is one of the biggest brands in the training, coaching, and mentoring industry. 

He charges millions of dollars for one-on-one mentoring if he does it.

What is the Unique Problem Do You Solve?

Now that you have identified your niche, identify the main problem or the unique problem you are solving within your niche. 

Let’s check some examples:

Example: Apple vs. Samsung

Both of these companies manufacture phones. 

Apple has the iPhone, and Samsung has the Galaxy S series phones as its top model. 

Now both of these are phones, which are used for calling, texting, browsing, photos, recording, and many other functionalities which are common. 

But still, their target customers are different. 

iPhone is made considering privacy, data safety, and security, ease of operating mobiles without much time consumption. 

So, their target customers are business people who need simplicity and privacy. 

While Galaxy S series phones are highly customizable, they provide much more functionality than iPhones, and they also have great privacy features, but still, their positioning is different. 

Thus, both of these phones solve just the common problem of having a phone to do tasks that a phone must do but still has different target customers based on the unique problem it solves for its customers. 

There are different phones on the market that solve unique problems of battery life, camera quality, selfies, foldable, etc., and thus they stand out from the crowd.

Now it is not that people other than business owners are not buying the iPhone, but if iPhone starts to make their messaging in a way to attract customers from all categories, it will ruin their marketing message. 

So, they target people who love privacy and simplicity in operating a phone.

Example: Dunkin Donuts vs. Starbucks

Now Dunkin donuts target customers who like to have fun with friends at a coffee shop, while Starbucks targets business-class customers who love to get space to work, close deals, or have a distraction-free environment to work and have a coffee at the same time. 

Both sell coffee, but their target customers differ based on their problem-solving.

Example: Vegetable Shops at Different Locations

Vegetables can be purchased at a roadside market, a supermarket, or a superstore, as well as online. 

The target customer for all these are common, i.e., people who want to buy vegetables. 

But still, their customers are different. 

For a vegetable store in the supermarket, people who like to have everything in one place, a clean environment, good shopping experience visit there. 

People who are very busy have less time and can not go out to buy vegetables buy online. 

So, the niche is vegetable, but the problem they solve is based on the time, ease of buying, ease of payment, and shopping experience, which separates one from the other.

How Do You Create Authority In Your Niche?

You create authority in your market when you solve a unique problem or common problem with unique methods. 

After that, you must identify who are those prospective buyers, their demography, psychography, their fears, pains, goals, desires, frustrations, irritations, etc. 

When you have these details, 60% of your work is done.

When you add how they process information, what drives them to make decisions and take actions, and what makes them buy based on their behaviors, mindset, and psychological needs, 90% of your work is done. 

10% is only setting up the system that works for you.

So, your foundation is 90% of the work when you do it perfectly, and your messaging resonates with your target audience when you create your messaging based on how the brain responds to messaging, what are their beliefs and their psychological needs.

How Your Brain Reacts to Messaging And Ads

Now the brain has three parts, called the instinctual brain, the emotional brain, and the logical brain. 

The instinctual brain responds to fears because it is always alert to any dangers. Survival is the priority of this brain. 

So, whenever it detects that there is any danger, it gets activated and responds quickly.

So, that is why you may have seen many salespeople trying to create fear in their prospect’s minds just to sell their products and services. 

But what happens when they create fear is that prospects will analyze those fears based on their emotions, and if it is emotionally sound, then the logical brain takes over. 

If the logical brain rejects the information and considers the fear wrong, then the selling does not happen. 

So, those salesy, pushy kinds of sales do not work anymore because people are now intelligent and have good logical reasoning. 

Once you use these kinds of tricks, they will never trust you again.

How to Connect With Your Prospects Based on Their Beliefs

Now, to connect with the target customers and engage them, you have to talk to them based on their beliefs, paradigms, conditions, and circumstances. 

So, to do that, you need an understanding of their mindset, their conscious and subconscious mind, and how they process information.

When done right, it helps to connect with the target customers very easily.

How 6 Human Needs Psychology Affects Decision Making of Your Prospects?

Then all human beings have these 6 needs, which drive them all the time to make decisions and take action. 

When you know these needs and incorporate them into your programs, it will help you instantly get connected to your target customers and influence them to make the right decision and right actions. 

This right decision and right action can be engaging with your content, booking a sales call with you, and buying your programs and services.

If any products, services, or programs fulfill at least 3 of these needs, then people certainly like them. 

For example, let’s say Facebook. 

When people use Facebook, they feel comfortable, as people do not have to go out to meet and have conversations with friends and family. 

They feel variety because of meeting different types of people and seeing different types of updates and content online, they feel significant when someone likes their photos, and they feel loved when people respond to their content and photos. 

Similarly, people who smoke feel comfortable when they take deep breaths while smoking and feel variety, significance, and love when smoking in a group. 

Or when alone, they also feel variety and significance, thus, smoking satisfies 3 to 4 needs of people, so they keep smoking, and it becomes hard to stop the habit.

Similarly, when you use these principles, you can satisfy one or more of these needs through your programs or services that your target customers want and reflect those in your messaging and marketing process. 

You can then attract and close them easily. 

2. Implementation of Your Marketing System

The next step is the implementation of the process. 

Now marketing has different steps, methods, and processes that must lead your ideal clients to the sales call. 

Marketing processes are designed so that your messaging reaches, connects, and engages your ideal clients and helps them make the right decisions and book sales call with you.

For this, we use proven systems and processes that require minimum work and give maximum results. 

These proven methods work every time and are being used by top coaches and consultants around the world.

The Know Like and Trust method with authority in your messaging always works. 

This messaging reaches your audience through funnels, vsl, content, and other organic outreach methods that lead them to know you, to consider you an authority, and then to book sales calls with you. 

During this process, your ideal clients are already preframed and preclosed for working with you or buying your products, programs, and services.

3. Optimization of Your Marketing System

The next process is optimization, which is the learning phase of your marketing efforts so that you keep improving your system based on the feedback you receive from your ideal clients and your experience of working with them.

This helps you to fine-tune your marketing in such as way that the efficiency of your neuro-marketing and neuro-sales system increases to the point where you can just set it up for automation and sit back and see ideal clients coming to your sales calls on autopilot.

4. Automation of Your Marketing System

When you automate the system, your marketing processes run on autopilot.

Automation is mostly done based on inbound methods of ads or hiring Virtual Assistants for your work.

Automation of your marketing takes your ideal clients through various steps where they are influenced, preframed, and preclosed before they attend the sales call with you.

12 Weeks Coach Authority Blueprint & Implementation Program

This is a 12-week program, and I call it Coaches Authority Blueprint & Implementation. 

80% of the program is focused on implementation because this is what most of the other programs on the internet lack. 

Implementation gives the results, and it will take your neuro-marketing process from foundation and implementation to automation.

This is the stage of the business where people face most of the challenges, and it is where most give up. 

That is why this program is focused not only on neuro-messaging but on the implementation of all the hard work you have done in your foundation stage so that you get the result. 

Before the end of the program, it is a guarantee that you will get a minimum of 2X ROI against the investment that you will make for this program.

And if you do not achieve at least 2X of your investment, then you will get 100% money back. 

This money back is for you to be sure that you will certainly achieve your results. 

So, weeks 1 and 2 are dedicated to working just on the foundation, and when you do it perfectly, 80% of your hard work is done.

Week 3 & 4 is focused on creating your initial neuro-marketing and neuro-sales system so that you start your organic outreach from week 5 to 8, and based on your learnings, you optimize your system.

From week 9 to 12, working on the automation. By this time, you must at least attract and close your ideal clients and make 2X ROI. 

If not, 100% money back, guaranteed.

Guarantee: At the End of The Program

So, at the end of the program, you will have your calendar booked with qualified sales calls. 

You must be able to get at least 5 high ticket clients closed in the first month after the program.

The system that you will create in the next 12 weeks will set up the roadmap for you to attract and close 10 to 20 high-ticket clients per month on autopilot.

I guarantee that you must get at least 2x ROI by the end of the program.

You will have a system that will work for you while you just work 30 minutes a day.

So that you will have all the time in this world to work on your programs and services, coach your clients and do what you love to do, and experience the world as you want to experience.

Why Is This Program Different?

This program is different because it is based on neuroscience, psychology, human behavior, and mindset and helps you impact, and influence your target clients easily, so you attract and close high-ticket clients consistently and predictably.

This system is very simplified based on what is working right now. 

You need very less time to learn and implement.

All the sessions in this program are conducted live online, so it is not a recorded program. 

Being a one-on-one live program means that it will be highly customized to your needs, and I have 100% accountability to help you achieve your goals, and you will have 100% accountability to complete all the tasks to achieve your goals.

This program is result driven and committed to creating results in your coaching and consulting business. 

It is not like just giving you a recorded program and you procrastinating over taking action. 

There’s a commitment to help you attract and close high-ticket clients by helping you create your authority and building your neuro-marketing and neuro-sales framework.

This is What You Get

You will get all the system, strategy, tools, handouts, templates, scripts, and whatever is needed for you to succeed, and at least 2X ROI guaranteed before the program ends.

The Two Choices…

Now, you have two choices, one is the hard way, that you keep doing what you have been doing till now and keep getting the results that you have been getting


There’s an easy way, which builds your authority, learn, and implement neuro-marketing and neuro-sales so that you attract and close high-ticket clients consistently.

If you are not growing, then also you are losing money. Imagine if you could just double your income in the next 3 months, and if you keep doing what you are doing right, then you may not be able to double it in the next 12 weeks. 

So, in this case, it will be a loss for you month after month, and this loss increases as time passes.

But if you could double it, or just make some progress even with 50% more income, then also it is an added income which will increase month after month.

Most importantly, with no more overwhelm by working on your marketing or trying different messaging every time that does not work.

So, let’s discover how this program can help you achieve your goals and help you attract and close your ideal clients consistently.

Register for the Live Coach Authority Masterclass

Date: Friday, 10th February 2023

Time: 04:00 PM GMT, 8:00 PM Dubai Time, 11:00 AM EST, 09:30 PM IST

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