3 Mistakes A Coach Must Avoid

3 Mistakes A Coach Must Avoid

1. Creating Programs Before Know What Problem They Solve

When it comes to coaching, I find many coaches who have programs created already without even the clarity of what kind of problem they want to solve and who are the ideal prospects for having these problems.

Identifying the unique problem you solve is the first step in the coaching and mentoring industry.

But it is the common belief of a coach that they want to solve all the problems using their programs, and they want to help millions of people.

This is a good purpose of helping millions of people, but when it comes to marketing, your messaging will not resonate with those who you want to help because your unique problems and ideal prospects are not defined.

Your marketing will be just like shooting in the darkness, where you wish and hope that it will hit somebody.

2. Trying to Sell Program Rather Than Giving Solutions to Problems

The second biggest mistake a coach makes is they try to sell their programs and not the solutions to the problems faced by customers.

In their marketing messages, articles, FB Live videos, and group messages, they talk about the contents of the programs.

It is not the program or its content that influences your customers. It is how your program will change the problems your ideal clients are facing day to day and help them achieve their goals.

Your marketing messages must show them the solutions and not the content.

3. Not Understanding The Pains, Problems, Fears, Frustrations, Goals, and Aspirations of Their Ideal Clients

Most of the coaches use very generalized messaging, or they use the template to send messages or write content or videos to influence everyone for their coaching program.

But while doing this, they resonate with no one, and often they find that they get no responses to their videos, articles, content, or FB Lives.

Even if they try to find out the pains, problems, fears, frustrations, and goals of their ideal clients, most of the coaches consider everyone’s common problems and fears.

These common problems, fears, and frustrations, when used in the messaging, do not work, especially when you are a new coach or do not have many followers or trust.

The only way to connect with your ideal clients is to find out the unique problems that you can solve with your coaching because there are many other coaches who are doing the same as you have been doing.

So, to stand out, you must understand the unique problems that you can solve and then identify only those prospects and their demography, psychography, and all their details before you do any marketing activities.

I help coaches to remove all these mistakes and remove all the overwhelming activities of marketing and sales and help them to attract and close high-ticket clients consistently. So, if you are a coach, let’s connect and chat.

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